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"'From Each according to Ability; To Each according to Needs':  Origin, Meaning, and Development of Socialist Slogan" History of Political Economy. (with Adrien Lutz) 


'Secular Hopes in the Face of Death' In Rochelle Green (ed.) Theories of Hope: Exploring Alternative Affective Dimensions of Human Experience. Lexington Press. PDF 




"The Last Hope - Part 1: A Worthwhile Life." LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method Blog. 10 April 2017  PDF


"The Last Hope - Part 2: Dying Well and a World Without Me." LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method Blog. 12 June 2017 PDF


"The Last Hope - Part 3: Attitudes" LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method Blog. 3 Oct 2017 PDF


"Should the Wise Pay the Price of Paternalism" Behavioural Public Policy Blog. 11 Oct 2017 PDF



'The Ethics of Dieselgate' Midwest Studies in Philosophy 40:262-83  PDF

'Selection under Uncertainty: Affirmative Action at Shortlisting Stage' Mind, 125 (498): 421-37. This paper was chosen as one of the ten best articles publishe in philosohy in 2016 by thePhilosopher's Annual. PDF Link 

'Don't Mess with my Smokes: Cigarettes and Freedom' American Journal of Bioethics  16(7): 15-17. PDF

'Refugee Quotas across the EU: A More Reasonable Distribution Key for Refugee Quotas', VoxEurop Blog. (Jan 2016) (with Anna Bartsch) Link   




'Why the Refugee Quota System is Unfair on Poorer Eastern and Southern EU States', LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog.  (Oct 2015) (with Anna Bartsch) Link


'Nudging the Pub: A Change in Choice Architecture Can Help Pub-Goers Drink Less', LSE Business Review Blog. (Sep 2015) Link

'The Tragedy of the Commons as a Voting Game', In M. Peterson (ed.) The Prisoner's Dilemma, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (2015) PDF


'Concerns for the Poorly Off in Ordering Risky Prospects', Economics and Philosophy 31(3), 397-492. (2015) PDF


'Evaluating Risky Prospects: the Distribution View', Analysis, 75(2): 243-53. PDF


'The Meaning of 'Darn it!'', Iwao Hirose and Andrew Reisner (eds.), Weighing and Reasoning: A Festschrift for John Broome, Oxford University Press: Oxford. (with Wlodek Rabinowicz)  PDF


'Child euthanasia: should we just not talk about it?' Journal of Medical Ethics 41(8): 630-634 (2015). Published Online First: 10 March 2015doi:10.1136/medethics-2014-10232PDF






'Contrary to the claims of German politicians, Germany is not taking on more than its fair share of refugees'

LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog (Dec 2014) (with Jane von Rabenau) Link


'Germany is accepting less than its fair share of refugees, while official data have also overestimated the number of refugees living in the country', LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog (Apr 2014) (with Jane von Rabenau), PDF/Link





'Why Couldn't I be Nudged to Dislike a Big Mac?', Journal of Medical Ethics, 39: 495-6 (2013), PDF/Link


‘A Response to Prelec', Essays in Behavioural Public Policy. Adam Oliver (Ed.), Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press. PDF/Link


‘Minimizing the threat of a positive majority deficit in two-tier voting systems with equipopulous units’, Public Choice, 145 (1-2): 75-94 (with Claus Beisbart) PDF/Link


'De verantwoordelijkheid van de overheid ten aanzien van gedragssturende beleidsinstrumenten voor verduurzaming' In: Duurzame gedragspatronen.  Essays.  Ethische aspecten van gedragsbeinvloeding door de overheid voor verduurzaming van de samenleving.  Raad voor Leefomgeving en Infrastructuur.  The Hague (Netherlands), 66-78, (In Dutch), PDF/Link


'Greece, Portugal, Spain  and the East European States Take on Less than their Fair Share of Responsibility for EU Asylum Seekers' LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog (29 Apr 2013), (with Günperi Sisman), PDF/Link




‘Evaluating Life or Death Prospects’, Economics and Philosophy, 28 (2): 217–49 (2012) (with Marc Fleurbaey), PDF/Link


‘Real Nudge’, European Journal of Risk Regulation, 3 (1): 43–6 (2012), PDF/Link


‘Measuring common standards and equal responsibility sharing in EU asylum outcome data’, European Union Politics, 13 (1): 70-93 (2012), (with Chlump Chatkupt and Laura Smead),PDF/Link




‘Equalising constituency sizes is likely to reduce the electoral bias in favour of Labour ….’, British Politics and Policy at LSE Blog.  (December 2, 2011), (with Claus Beisbart), PDF/Link


‘Measuring Voting Power for Dependent Voters through Causal Models’, Synthese, 179 (1): 35–56 (2011), (with Claus Beisbart), PDF/Link


‘Does it Matter whether a Miracle-Like Event Happens to Oneself rather than to Someone Else?', Probability in the Philosophy of Religion. Ed. by Chandler, J. and Harrison, V. Oxford University Press,  6475 (2011), (with appendix by Claus Beisbart), PDF/Link


‘Bets on Hats—On  Dutch Books Against Groups, Degrees of Belief as Betting Rates, and Group-Reflection’, Episteme, 8 (3): 281300 (2011), (with Wlodek Rabinowicz), PDF/Link




‘A Lockean Defence of Grandfathering Emission Rights’, The Ethics of Global Climate Change. Denis Arnold (ed.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 124–44 (2010),PDF/Link


‘Nudges and Cultural Variance: a Note on Selinger and Whyte’, Knowledge, Technology and Policy, 23: 4836 (2010), PDF/Link 


‘Monty Hall Drives a Wedge between Judy Benjamin and the Sleeping Beauty: a Reply to Bovens’, Analysis, 70 (3): 47381 (2010), (with José Luis Ferreira), PDF/Link


‘Judy Benjamin is a Sleeping Beauty’, Analysis, 70 (1): 236 (2010), PDF/Link


‘The Puzzle of the Hats’, Synthese, 172: 5778 (2010), (with Wlodek Rabinowicz), PDF/Link


‘Interview’, Probability and Statistics: 5 Questions (Edited by Vincent Hendricks and Alan Hajek), Automatic Press, 1328 (2010), Doc/PDF/Link




‘Can the Church agree to condom use by HIV-discordant couples’, Journal of Medical Ethics, 35: 7436 (2009), PDF/Link


‘Must I Be Forgiven?’, Analysis, 69 (2): 22733 (2009), PDF/Link




‘The Ethics of Nudge’, Preference Change: Approaches from Philosophy, Economics and Psychology. Ed. by Till Grüne-Yanoff and S.O. Hansson. Berlin and New York: Springer, Theory and Decision Library A, Chapter 10: 207220 (2008), Doc/PDF/Link


‘Apologies’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 108: 219239 (2008), PDF/Link


‘A Power Measure Analysis of Amendment 36 in Colorado’, Public Choice, 134 (3-2): 231–46 (2008), (with Claus Beisbart), PDF/Link


‘Interview’, Epistemology: 5 Questions (Edited by Vincent Hendricks and Duncan Pritchard), Automatic Press, 4761 (2008), Doc/PDF/Link




‘Factions in Rousseau’s Du Contrat Social and Federal Representation’, Analysis, 67: 1220 (2007), (with Claus Beisbart), PDF/Link


‘Welfare Evaluations of Decision Rules for Boards of Representatives’, Social Choice and Welfare, 29: 581–608 (2007), (with Claus Beisbart), PDF/Link


'Bayesian Epistemology', Special Issue of Synthese, 156 (3) (2007), (Edited with Stephan Hartmann), Link

'Nancy Cartwright’s Philosophy of Science', Routledge, 2007 (Edited with Stephan Hartmann and Carl Hoefer), Link




‘The Rhythm Method and Embryonic Death’, Journal of Medical Ethics, 32: 3556 (2006), PDF/Link, reviewed in the New York Times, June 13, 2006, Link


‘Democratic Answers to Complex Questions—an Epistemic Perspective’, Synthese, 150 (1): 13153 (2006), (with Wlodek Rabinowicz), PDF/Link


‘The Doctrinal Paradox and the Mixed-Motivation Problem’, Analysis, 66: 358 (2006), PDF/Link


‘An Impossibility Result for Coherence Rankings’, Philosophical Studies, 128: 7791 (2006), (with Stephan Hartmann), PDF/Link


'Four Brides for Twelve Brothers: How to Dutch Book a Group of Fully Rational Players' in Rønnow-Rasmussen, Toni, Petersson, Björn, Josefsson, Jonas and Egonsson, Dan, (eds.) Hommage à Wlodek: Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Wlodek Rabinowicz, Lund University (2006), PDF/Link

Toni, Petersson, Björn, Josefsson, Jonas and 
Egonsson, Dan, (eds.) Hommage à Wlodek: philosophical papers dedicated to Wlodek 
Rabinowicz. Lund University, 2006




‘A Utilitarian Assessment of Alternative Decision Rules in the Council of Ministers’, European Union Politics, 6: 395–418 (2005), (with Claus Beisbart and Stephan Hartmann), PDF/Link


‘Coherence and the Role of Specificity: A Response to Meijs and Douven’, Mind, 114: 3659 (2005), (with Stephan Hartmann), PDF/Link


‘Solving the Riddle of Coherence’, Mind, 112: 60134 (2005), (with Stephan Hartmann), PDF/Link


‘Why There Cannot Be a Single Probabilistic Measure of Coherence’, Erkenntnis, 63: 361-74 (2005), (with Stephan Hartmann), PDF/Link




‘Voting Procedures for Complex Collective Decisions—an Epistemic Perspective’, Ratio Juris, 17: 24158 (2004), (with Wlodek Rabinowicz), PDF/Link




Bayesian Epistemology Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003 (with Stephan Hartmann), Link, with German translation: "Bayesianische Erkenntnistheorie", Paderborn, Mentis, 2006, Link



‘Too Odd (not) to Be True: a Reply to Erik Olsson’, British Journal of Philosophy of Science, 53: 53963 (2002), (with Branden Fitelson, Stephan Hartmann and Josh Snyder), PDF/Link


‘Believing More, Risking Less. On Coherence, Truth and Non-Trivial Extensions’, Erkenntnis, 57: 13750 (2002), (with Erik J. Olsson), PDF/Link


‘Bayesian Networks and the Problem of Unreliable Instruments’, Philosophy of Science, 69: 2973 (2002), (with Stephan Hartmann), PDF/Link




‘Coherentism, Reliability and Bayesian Networks’, Mind, 109: 685719 (2000), (with Erik J. Olsson), PDF/Link




‘The Two Faces of Akratics Anonymous’, Analysis, 59 (4): 230236 (1999), PDF/Link translated into the German ('Die beiden Gesichter der Anonymen Akratiker') and reprinted in Thomas Spitzley (Ed.), Willensschwäche, Paderborn: Mentis (2002), PDF


‘Authenticity in Kurosawa’, The Journal of Value Inquiry, 33: 227237 (1999), PDF/Link


'The Value of Hope', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 59: 667681 (1999), PDF/Link


‘The Preface, the Lottery and the Logic of Belief’, Mind, 108: 241264 (1999), (with James Hawthorne), PDF/Link


‘Supervenience and Moral Realism’, Philosophia, 27: 241245 (1999), (with Dalia Drai), PDF/Link



‘Moral Luck, Photojournalism and Pornography’, The Journal of Value Inquiry, 32: 205-217 (1998), PDF/Link

'Sequential Counterfactuals, Cotenability and Temporal Becoming', Philosophical Studies, 90: 79101 (1998), PDF/Link




‘The Backward Induction Argument for the Finite Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma and the Surprise Exam Paradox’, Analysis, 57: 179186 (1997), PDF/Link




‘The Intentional Acquisition of Mental States’, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 55: 82140 (1995), PDF/Link


‘"P and I Will Believe that Not-P": Diachronic Constraints on Rational Belief’, Mind, 104: 73760 (1995), PDF/Link



‘Rawls on Mutual Disinterest and Hume's Subjective Circumstances of Justice’, Archiv fur Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie, 80: 2037 (1994), PDF


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‘On Arguments from Self Interest for the Nash Solution and the Kalai Egalitarian Solution to the Bargaining Problem’, Theory and Decision, 23: 23160 (1987), PDF/Link


Book Review. Gauthier, D. Morals by AgreementTheory and Decision23: 21360 (1987)




'Can There Be More than One Set of Categories?', Proceedings: Sixth International Kant Congress, Pennsylvania State University, 1985, eds. G. Funke & Th. M. Seebohm, The Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, co-published with the University Press of America, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. (1989), PDF